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Software (Designer) Engineer

  • Ref: 300880
  • Type: Direct Hire
  • Location: Oakland, CA
  • Industry: HVAC
  • Job Level: Senior
  • Pay: Negotiable

Opportunity Description

We are looking for a very experienced Software (Designer) Engineer with an extensive background in Web based application development to take on a leadership role in the delivery to market of our revolutionary SaaS based building automation system.  

Company Information


Job Duties

  • The successful candidate will be a software engineer who leads by example and embodies the principles of collaboration, innovation, and principled leadership.  
  • Advise and guide the team on architecture and implementation direction.

Experience & Skills Required

  • Expertise in the planning, development, testing, documentation, and deployment of enterprise-scale web applications is a must.  
  • Candidates should have at least three-to-five years of Sr. Engineering or engineering management experience in addition to eight-plus years of progressive web software development experience in organizations of all sizes. 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills are critical to success in this role. 
  • The ideal candidate will be a broad expert in the web software space; someone who is just as comfortable deconstructing high-level requirements into Jira stories as they are debugging Node memory leaks.
  • Be a proactive mentor to other engineers and have the mentality that raising others also raises yourself. 
  • Be a key player in the ideation and deconstruction of new features and the refactoring of old ones.
  • Empathize with key stakeholders and propose solutions that address multiple facets of a feature or problem. 
  • Set structured development and deployment guidelines like linting, deployment pipeline hooks, approvals process, best practices, and code review procedures; and stick to them all!
  • Required Technical Expertise:
  • NodeJS and JavaScript, both server and client-side (expert)
  • Software engineering principals & architecture (expert)
  • Web protocols and best practices (expert)
  • Performance tuning and testing (advanced)
  • Vue and/or React (advanced)
  • Data principles including structures, caching, relational/NoSQL database, and security concerns (advanced)
  • AWS architecture and code-centric services including CI/CD (intermediate)
  • Testing principles and practice including unit and end-to-end (intermediate)

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