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Senior Project Manager

  • Ref: 298914
  • Type: Option-to-Hire
  • Location: Woodland Park, NJ
  • Industry: Information Technology / Other Technology Staffing
  • Job Level: Senior
  • Pay: $60.00 - 75.00

Opportunity Description

·         Manage medium to large projects, including scope, time, cost, quality, resource, communication, risk, procurement/vendor management and other activities.

·         Manage all IT toolset repositories and reports. Facilitate project meetings, take and distribute minutes, follow-up on action items, risks and issues with the project team members, vendors and stakeholders.

·         Serve as PMO liaison with all departments and vendors on project intake process, inquiries and project status.

·         Responsible for collecting and filing project artifacts including project status reports, project minutes, project charter, project issues and project risks.

·         Work with project teams in developing and maintaining project budgets and actuals. Create and maintain project schedules and arrange large meetings and events for project teams. Identify change needs and assess the impact of the changes, obtain stakeholder acceptance to ensure business and functional requirements are met, support project and business teams thro

Company Information

Large Hospital Center - in Northern NJ

Job Duties

Manage multiple IT Projects in the PMO.


PMP highly preferred


Bachelors in Computer Science or similar

Experience & Skills Required

Project Management in a Healthcare setting




Consulting with option to hire

Other Information

·         Have exceptional communication skills (both written and verbal) and business acumen.

·         Willing to tackle complex problems head-on while dealing with the challenges of short timescales and demanding business stakeholders.

·         Support training and project/process implementation

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